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Rolling Your Foot to Open Things Up

Your feet and your hands connect you to the world. With a depth of nerves to quickly tell your brain what is out there and a myriad of complex muscle and bone structures, you want your foot firing on all cylinders. This can clearly get complicated with such a complex part of your body, but here is a simple tip to start opening that foot up.

Rolling the bottom of your foot with a lacrosse ball is a simple, no-nonsense way to start opening up your foot. Simply stand up and place your foot on the ball, using your other for balance. Put a little pressure on the ball and roll the ball back and forth along the length of your foot. If you can find extra spicy spots, sit the pressure on that spot and flex and extend your toes a few times. Giving your feet this little bit of tough love will begin to amplify your foot and ankle health which will have great effects up the chain. Your hips, knees, back, and more will all benefit from this little bit of work. Be ready to be surprised by the time vs reward ratio with this one.



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