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Quick Tip: Stretch Your Hip Flexors before Bed

This may be the bajillionth time I have mentioned this, but most people’s hip flexors are darn tight. These fairly small muscles help pull your knee toward your chest sure but if overly tight, they can tilt your pelvis out the front causing all kinds of issues. Sitting too much, weak posterior muscles, and more can cause this issue. This anterior tilt of your pelvis will tighten your hamstrings and low back while deactivating the abs and glutes. While there are many factors that need to be addressed when all of these issues present themselves, a simple thing that can help your comfort is a basic hip flexor stretch. In an elongated lunge position, resting your back knee on the ground, keep your shoulders over your hips and sit your hips forward toward your front foot. Feel the front portion of your back leg getting stretched open. You can amplify the stretch by reaching the same side arm to the ceiling and turning your torso away. If you are feeling particularly mean, squeeze your glute muscle as hard as you can as well. This will exaggerate the stretch on the hip flexor tremendously. Use a sturdy chair if your balance is off so you can commit further into the stretch without risking falling over. Try 2 to 3 sets of a minute each leg.

This stretch can come in handy at many times but try it before you go to bed. You won’t be sitting again for many hours and undoing the stretch instantly. You also will likely lessen low back discomfort which will aid your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Two great benefits just by getting this wildly useful stretch before you head off to bed.

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