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Pushups: Small Position Change, Big Benefits

Have you ever done a pushup and felt like your elbows were just falling out to the side and your head was peaking towards the floor? This is a common issue that puts your shoulder in a tough position. This flared position can take the upper back, deltoids and triceps out of the movement leaving the pecs nearly alone at an odd angle. Shoulder elevation (shrugging up to your ears) is also common when flaring your elbows out too much, which has its own set of problems.

So how can you fix this positioning issue without having to overthink every rep? Simple, rotating your hand position will more than likely put you in a much better position during your pushup. Instead of having your fingers pointing straight forward, try screwing your hands outward so the gap between your thumb and fingers is pointing straight forward instead. This will automatically tuck your elbows slightly, allow for a little more external rotation at your shoulder, and keep your shoulder from crowding your ears. I have had many clients dissipate their shoulder pain while being able to continue doing pushups with just this fix. At first, it will be incredibly humbling for your deltoids and triceps but you will catch on quick. Give this little tweak a try and reap the benefits!



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