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Online Fitness Resources for the Curious and Confused

With just how many fitness resources there are on the Internet these days, it is hard to know where to turn for high-quality information that you can trust. This will be a quick list of some different resources in different mediums that I’ve liked over the years that may provide some benefit to you too.



EliteFTS is a company founded by former powerlifter Dave Tate. There is a plethora of articles from multiple contributors which detail a lot of training topics. If trying to get bigger and stronger, something here will help you. The EliteFTS YouTube channel is a great resource as well, covering podcasts from knowledgeable coaches and athletes, instructions on various training movements and techniques, nutritional advice, and great video series like "Train Your A$$ Off with Dave Tate".

*Utilize the Articles tab to find what you need.

Testosterone Nation

T-Nation is an old bastion of information with articles from various fitness professionals. There are many programming and exercise selection ideas. I would recommend articles from Jim Wendler, John Meadows and Christian Thibadeau to thin the herd for you.


Beyond Bodybuilding - Pavel Tsatsuline

This is a great book detailing old-school, hard-nosed styles of training to get strong and gain plenty of muscle. Pavel’s elegantly simple approach may trick you into thinking the workouts and training styles he details are easy...they’re not. Give this a read!

*Available as ebook, readable with screen reader

Arm Size and Strength - Charles Poliquin

Want big arms? Then it’s a good idea to do a program from the greatest strength coach ever in my opinion. Charles Poliquin gives you a rough program that will not only get results, but also shows you training principles and their application that will help you even after you’ve added a couple inches to your arms.

*Available as ebook, readable with screen reader

Psych - Judd Biassiotto

This sports psychology book changed my approach to the gym and life in general. Even if you don’t want to compete in anything, it is beyond helpful. From the power of positivity to stress inoculation, this book has it all. I always try to not overhype it’s pretty good.

*Available as ebook, readable with screen reader

YouTube channels

Josh Bryant/Jailhouse Strong

Josh Bryant’s channel, "Jailhouse Strong" is filled to the brim with high-energy, information packed content. Josh is one the greatest bench press coaches in the world ,if not the best, but he is no one trick pony. He knows his stuff from old-school training to science-based programming. I have used many of his videos while teaching college training courses.

Brian Alsruhe

Brian Alsruhe is a bad dude. Strong, tough and kind with a great approach to training. He works with many disabled athletes and high-level strongmen while being one himself. Go through his old videos to find great tutorials on specific topics and more broad programming videos.

Juggernaut Training Systems

Juggernaut, founded by Chad Wesley Smith, is a company with a talented stable of lifters in powerlifting. And Olympic lifting. Oh, and partnered with Renaissance Periodization, another great resource for training principles and nutrition. Did I mention the roster of coaches and athletes? With some of the best coaches, athletes, and guest-appearances, this is it for strength training. From powerlifting, to strongman, to Olympic lifting, to general training and nutrition, Juggernaut has every resource you could need, all from the people who specialize in that specific arena.

Of course these are just a few of the resources out there, but some that I’ve found to be especially beneficial to my training philosophies and my clients. Learn like crazy then work your butt off!



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