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Ketones as a Tool for a Better Circulatory System

First, check out this video by Thomas Delauer:

SO, ketones don’t just provide an alternative fuel source to glucose, they can also allow your body to flip switches genetically. That is wild! The ability to stimulate Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, aka VEG-F, is absolutely critical for arterial branching, allowing deeper capillary beds and better circulatory systems. VEG-F is stimulated by detected friction in blood vessels, leading to remodeling to lessen the stress on the system. Combined with present ketones in the system, this remodeling could potentially be amplified or performed earlier. The positive remodeling to handle blood flow better will continue to snowball the progress from aerobic work. This is like a little cheat code your body has built in, very exciting stuff.

So if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, consult with your doctor about utilizing a ketogenic diet to garner these and other health benefits, particularly for your blood sugar and A1C levels.

My thoughts also veer towards what ketone supplementation without eating a purely ketogenic diet would do. Would this switch at the blood vessel level still be activated? Time and science will tell!

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