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Diaphragmatic Breathing and Core Bracing

Try taking in a giant breath. Did you shrug up your shoulders and heave in your chest? If so, you aren’t using your diaphragm as you should. Diaphragmatic breathing, commonly colloquially known as belly breathing, is wildly important to help you operate appropriately. From properly increasing intra abdominal pressure to keep your spine safe to allowing the lungs to better inflate, the benefits are multitudinous. From someone who used to breathe wrong and have near constant back pain and poor lifting mechanics, trust me, you need to relearn how to breathe. Give these videos a listen. Mimic Chris Duffin’s tactile cues for the stomach, obliques and lower back and perform Cal Dietz’s breathing reset and enjoy the health benefits it all garners. More to come soon on this topic and how to apply it to your life!

Chris Duffin discusses breathing and bracing

In this video, Chris Duffin, one of the greatest strength training minds out there, discusses how proper diaphragmatic breathing paired with optimal core bracing allows for optimal force output and safety during lifting. He is really passionate about this topic because this attention to breathing and bracing mechanics allowed him to both squat and deadlift 1000 pounds for REPS.

Cal Dietz RPR reset

In this video, Cal Dietz explains the premise and some results with this breathing reset for a couple of minutes. Then he explains what manipulations to perform while belly breathing to help reset the system. Lie down, work your diaphragmatic breathing and perform this reset to help improve your breathing pattern.

The video starts at 39:40 on purpose.


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