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Day of the Month Rep Challenge!

Have you already left those big New Year's Resolutions in the rear view? Often, we set high goals for ourselves, and when we don't immediately reach them, we forget about them. Instead of jumping straight into the deep end, why not wade in? Try this simple, progressive routine to get the ball rolling!

First, pick a movement you want to do, should do, or need to improve on. I have chosen sandbag-over-shoulder before. This gave me a lot of chances to hinge and pick something up off the ground then explosively squat it up. Some other good options could be burpees, pushups, lunges (per leg and weighted or not), pullups, etc. I find this challenge works best with movements you can do at-home so you can be spontaneous and consistent.

Now that you have your move, you will follow a simple progression. Day 1 of the month, you will do 1 rep. Day 2 you will do 2. Continue this until you’re up to 31 on Day 31! By the end of the month, you will have snuck in a whopping 496 reps in a single month. You will have gotten more skilled at the movement, built up work capacity, and if you added a new move, added a new tool to your repertoire.

Keep us updated on your Day of the Month Rep Challenge by tagging us on Instagram @caneandablefitness . Use the hashtag #dayofthemonthchallenge ! We can’t wait to see your hard work and progress!


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