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Commercial Break Workouts

Let’s be honest, if it isn’t the Super Bowl (which actually is tomorrow, so maybe pre-game these workouts!), the commercials really aren’t that great right? So why not get a little bit of work in during that interval instead of sinking further into that couch. And yes, I know you’re thinking “Evan, Netflix doesn’t have commercials.” Just use that time gap between the end of your episode and the start of the next one, you goof! So here is a list of quick commercial break workouts to provide you some benefit during your binging.

Activity 1:

15 burpees as fast as possible. Just roll off the couch onto the floor. You’re already halfway through rep one!

Activity 2: Couch Stretch

Put one of the cushions or a pillow on the floor, place one knee on that and the foot of that leg up on the couch. Sit your other foot far forward to mimic a lunge position with your back foot elevated. You were on the couch already, you had to know this one was coming. Stretch one leg the whole commercial break then stretch the other the next!

Activity 3: Pushups to failure

Just go 'til you can’t!

Activity 4: YWTIs

Lie on your stomach and raise your hands overhead in a Y position. Then pull your elbows down and keep your hands high to form a W shape. Now extend your arms to form a T. Lastly, bring your lengthened arms to your sides and raise as high as you can toward the ceiling. Keep your whole arm as high as possible on these and hold each for 10 to 15 seconds. This will get that upper back working for you.

Activity 5: Series Binge Squat Roller Coaster

As you are trucking through a TV show on a streaming platform, we need a scheme to mirror that consistency. Take the season and episode number of the episode you just finished and do that many squats. So Season 1 Episode 1 of Community, you will do 2 squats. By Season 6 you will be doing a few more and have made it through a few cancellation-looming finales. Maybe if we all do enough squats, we will get that movie…

Give all of these a try to blend your downtime with a touch of activity and reap the benefits!



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