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Brohemian Eggs: A Culinary Twist on a Classic

Bohemian eggs tend to be bacon cooking on a skillet and an egg cracked over it to cook on top. The two, already a classic pairing, amplify each other when cooked together. The fats and proteins can certainly be put to good use in a well-balanced diet and for those on low-carb diets, they are staples for good reason.

But here at Cane and Able Fitness, we can top that. With our additions of spinach (a gym rat go-to) and garlic, we present you with...Brohemian Eggs.

First, tear a piece of bacon into two or three even pieces depending on the length of the strip. Lay these pieces side by side on a skillet and get them sizzling.

When it is time, flip them over, keeping them close to each other. On top of this beautiful bed of bacon, sprinkle on minced garlic and spinach leaves.

On top of this menagerie, crack a large egg then corral it with a spatula to sit on top of the bed of bacon. The spinach will cook down and the egg and bacon will meld all the pieces into one glorious amalgamation. Swoop off the skillet, cut up with a fork and knife and enjoy!

Now, why spinach? For the potassium and other micronutrients of course! Not to mention it contains some ecdysterone and sneaks in more veggies into your diet. And why garlic? For taste mostly, but it also has plenty of health benefits such as healthy amounts of the weight loss aid allicin and it keeps away vampires. So an easy choice.

Calorie Estimate:

1 large egg: 90

1 strip bacon: 43

½ cup spinach: 3.5

Estimated total: 138 calories

One last tip, use these Brohemian eggs as a base for breakfast sandwiches. It will be really hard to mess up from there. Give these a try and happy eating!



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